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Reverse Cell

Reverse Cell is an online tool that helps you to search for phone numbers and details of a person through the Internet. Reverse Cell is a concept that helps you to lookup for phone numbers and other details related to that phone number. If you have discovered some phone number from one of your old diaries, or you have some phone number which you want to trace, and you have no idea whom it belongs to or what is the related address, you can use the Reverse Cell Lookup service.

Reverse Cell Lookup service becomes especially useful in situations where you have lost all contacts with someone but still possess the phone number related to that person. Or you might simply wish to verify who owns that number before you mistake it for someone else. The Internet provides you with many websites where you can lookup for both residential and business phone lookups online for free, which sometimes even include the toll-free numbers.

The cell phone numbers are generally not part of the public telephone directories. This is to ensure that the cell phone owner can choose among the people whose call they want to receive. The cell phone directories also maintain complete confidentiality of the customer. While in the earlier times, only the law enforcers and the military departments were able to get information about the identity of the person using a particular cell phone number.

But with reverse cell phone lookup service, it is possible for anyone to obtain any information about any cell phone number. There are many toll free numbers, which also give such information. Or you can choose from the thousands websites that offer the cell phone reverse lookup service. Just by entering the cell phone number, anyone accessing the reverse phone directories will get the details of its owner, such as the first name, last name, present and old address, country, city and the service provider.

However, there are no websites that offer services completely for free. The free service only includes details of the landline users. In order to get the information on mobile numbers, the person has to pay a small annual subscription fee. The websites gives the most accurate and confidential information and charges a customer only if the number is found on their database or the directory. So a person neednít worry about having to pay for numbers where no information was available.

While the free websites will provide information such as, the first/ last name, the old/ current addresses, the old/current phone numbers; the paid websites will provide additional information such as, the age, sex, marital status, background details, criminal records, public and court records (if any). So now you no longer need to sweat your brows over an unwanted phone number or an irritating phone call that had been disturbing you since long.